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ELEMENTS: Why Internet Marketing?

by | on December 31, 2012

Shorty Produkshins -- Social Branding & Event Marketing (Internet Marketing Orlando, Pittsburgh and WORLDWIDE)!


*This blog was never meant to be an actual blog. I was writing for inclusion on a website and decided that there are still many that don’t understand the importance of Internet Marketing. 

Internet Marketing is the driving force and connection between Online and Offline efforts. It keeps brands connected to their audiences and helps to create Brand Awareness on Cross Platform Capabilities. Take notice that 2013 is about expansion, and competition is high. How will you set yourself apart from your competition?

Internet Marketing can bring Brand Awareness far and wide. Depending on your brand’s products and services, it may be in your best interest to market locally. For many, nearby cities are the best target markets, especially if regional trade occurs. But, there are many that would like to reach National and International communities. In any of these situations, a SOCIAL PRESENCE is still a must.

Many people think that because they provide services locally that they do not have to be found on the “net” or do not need a strong presence if they do. This is not true on many levels. What they seem to forget is innovation adds to “expertise,” people relocate –visit– or help family in searching for ther needs (even at a distance), customer service can be inconvenient for those only available to do business after hours, and much more! Needless to say, in any territory, there WILL be competition. Be found easier, be a “better friend” to your consumers. They will love you for it. Combat negative reactions and attacks on your brand by competitors, troublemakers and dissatisfied customers. Internet Marketing can help.

Internet Marketing is such a broad topic, but it is also the title given to any form of marketing that takes place Online. Any form of Internet Marketing should reach specific and niche markets, include consumer input and personalization, boost awareness of a brand, expand reach, be a “no-brainer” for a consumer in need, and so on. There is, indeed, an exact science behind it. To be successful in Internet Marketing, one must understand that marketing is CATERING to the NEED of potential clients or consumers, while Advertising is CREATING THE ILLUSION OF A NEED through a WANT. Ethics are important. It will affect your brand’s reputation both OFFLINE and ONLINE.

In essence, building up your brand’s reputability will involve multiple elements of Internet Marketing. This is inevitable to thrive in a modern marketplace. If you want your brand to succeed, you must take advantage of this capability. Familiarize yourself with the multiple elements of Internet Marketing and decide what is right for you and your brand.

Different forms of marketing include, but are not limited to:

  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Landing Pages with Calls to Action
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM/Pay-Per-Click)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Releases
  • Online Papers
  • Testimonials
  • Press Rooms
  • Revenue Building
  • Applications & Widgets
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Display Marketing
  • Content Distribution
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Local Business
  • Geo Targeting
  • Viral Marketing
  • Product Feeds

As mentioned earlier, there is a particular science to successful Internet Marketing. This will take time to learn, let alone to understand. It would be wise to find counsel with a professional or to outright hire one. We are here to help! The next time you are in need of Internet Marketing Execution or Internet Marketing Action Plans, contact us!

*We work with Agencies and Firms looking to outsource with Non Disclosure in order to protect your privacy.



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ELEMENTS of Internet Marketing 101 — Viral Marketing (On Demand).

by | on December 4, 2012

The question that prompted this post on Viral Marketing was this: “What’s the difference between Word of Mouth Marketing and Viral Marketing — if someone is telling someone, who is telling someone?” Well, the truth is that they are very similar so I can understand the question. At the same time, they are quite a bit different.

Viral Marketing is pretty much an electronic art form in this day and age. Sure, physical, tangible items can be passed from person to person, community to community and generation to generation (i.e. folk lore content to promote an idea or product, flyers with entertainment value, etc.). But, when you hear the word “Viral Marketing,” you think of it as more of “an Online thing.”

Viral Marketing is generally a principle or product that is “passed around” and shared between consumers (not necessarily customers) based on the value of a product or presentation in their lives. Most Viral Marketing happens when an emotion or thought is triggered in the minds of audiences being reached. This is a great way to ADVERTISE your product to a crowd, meaning to make them WANT your product. Viral Marketing can happen through Social Media Content (photos, videos, audio, etc.) at the click of a button, which is why including “share panels” and Social Bookmarking to your content is a plus. It can also happen through copy/paste methods, which requires “too much work” for some individuals who want an immediate response. The more value they find in your product, the more of themselves they will give to share the content.

Word of Mouth Marketing, as seen in the previous post, can come from presenting these items to friends on sheer LOVE for what is being seen. So in essence, Viral Marketing is Word of Mouth Marketing, while conversation doesn’t necessarily take place in making the conversion. Nonetheless, Word of Mouth Marketing is by no means Viral Marketing. Word of MOUTH means that conversation takes place from Consumer A to potential Consumer B. Here, they discuss your media content, but more of the conversation is geared in the direction of the actual PRODUCT or BRAND. This is where loyalty takes form and the consumer feels a NEED for your product. This can happen Online or in the physical world we find ourselves in without a computer in sight!

Both forms of marketing are two of the hardest types of marketing efforts to succeed in. Word of Mouth Marketing consists of converting potential audiences into BELIEVERS and BELIEVERS into LOYALTISTS. They have to love your brand. And like people, we can’t just MAKE ANYONE fall in love with us. It happens through interaction, genuine care and nurturing. Viral Marketing, however, takes killer content and hits the emotions and psyche of audience members in reaching new target audiences and consumers.

Viral Marketing is easier than WOM to achieve, because there are many venues and platforms that allow your content to be seen. On the contrary, you have to hit the nerve so strongly that these consumers WANT TO SHARE your content. That’s only the first step. From there, you have to direct them to follow a call to action, which means you have to get them to actually visit your site, attend your event, purchase your product or whatever else you are aiming for with the content. THAT is the tricky part, because our population has become so immune to marketing that we almost lose interest after the content has been consumed and new content is put in front of our faces.

Again, we have to make them WANT to engage in conversation and participation with our brand. How are we prepared to do this? How are we catering to the needs of an unmotivated or semi-interested consumer? How are we making the funnel process easier for them to “check out” before they change their minds? Create a call to action (which will be fine-tuned), create a roadmap, and then reach into the mind of that target and find out what type of content will AFFECT THEM emotionally and mentally. Once this has been executed, you have a high chance to Viral Marketing success!

…Oh, by the way, content quality doesn’t have to be great! Did you know that most high quality and written content have LOWER viral destinations than “on the fly” cell phone and low quality recordings of 3 minutes or less? Also, giving something free to a consumer will give them a sense of privilege and loyalty that will make them go above and beyond. IF they know they’re getting more, they will give more! Interesting isn’t? Let that marinate! It is definitely something to think about.

Take a look at this viral video: “Shorty Produkshins LIVE on the Miller Lite Tour Bus.” Does it make you want to drink some beer (Coors or Miller Lite), want to go to the tour bus yourself? Does it make you want to be part of the industry or in a band? Does it make you want to have fun and be social? Or, does it make you curious about the next year’s Florida Music Festival, hosted by Miller Lite every year? The further you get into the video, all elements come together and you meet a DJ/Promoter and get to hear about the person talking behind the camera. A brief description of the company is given and even some services, meshed with a little comedy. Now, does it make you wonder what Shorty Produkshins was doing filming or what they do in the industry? Does it make you curious about this $1.99/Minute consultation line? Furthermore, do you feel more comfortable knowing that Shorty Produkshins has similar interests to yours, while being staffed with every day people? By the way, this event was promoted Online through Shorty Produkshins’ Event Marketing service and sponsored by the brand, as well, that year.


While this video was never meant to be a viral video, as it was just a documentation of events at the 2010 Florida Music Festival in Orlando. But, I’m sure your mind could be racing on ways to make it better based on these elements in making it a viral success? And what we just “processed” was the same process one must go through in preliminary planning, storyboarding, creation, and production phases of this technique. Good luck to you and your team in all future endeavors!

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SPRUZ for Social Networks: Why I love them so much!

SPRUZ for Social Networks: Why I love them so much!

by | on December 4, 2012

Hello, World (pun to WordPress)! I am back at it with a new blog! As many of you SHOULD know, I own a company called “Shorty Produkshins.” What we do is related to the Internet Marketing worlds of Social Branding and Event Marketing. In this world, the keyword is “SOCIAL.” I find myself building many social networks and sites that mimic social networks but have a more controlled environment. I have used many different open source platforms, some too basic and some too complex and superfluous for what actually needs done.

Interestingly, I work with clients on their budgets and the budget may allow room for premium memberships and structures that have support teams behind them and more complexities that take limited timeframes to complete (minus reaching the objective through research, development, creation and implementation). So, yes, sometimes I use sites like Ning,, the late-Grouply and now Spruz!

What I like about these is the fact that I HATE web design. But, I have some talent in that area, so I don’t turn down business when I get a special request. I can use predesigned layouts and then EDIT it to my OWN liking. I can add my own graphics and fonts, as well as structure. I will admit, I haven’t used WordPress for anything more than this blog. I am sure I could learn it, but I have no time between the 9 companies and side hustles. And, I refuse to buy templates for things that I can do myself!

When dealing with sites like Spruz, you can do what you want pretty much. You can turn off functions for the public, you can have THEM charge monthly subscription fees FOR YOU, you can customize all day long or not at all. That is up to you. I like it, because of these reasons and more! When designing a Social Network, I can implement so much into a site that will work greatly for SEO efforts and make a basic site grow into a complex site that will keep people returning for more. I can also take the site and pass it off to the client for future customization once my services are no longer needed, and they will understand it much easier than they would through coded data.

Spruz is really a great tool in social networks. Once you connect your domain, it automatically updates links for you. You will notice the ease in adding modules and html elements, and the best part yet is that you can add your own scripts. While most of these platforms allow for the editing of the CSS and templates, they are very restricted as to exactly what else can be done with those sites. Spruz allows so much customization that I almost wish there wasn’t a monthly fee, or I might just use them to create a plethora of sites! While the monthly fee is very low, owning 48 plus sites like I do will equate to very a very high bill once added up! But, did I mention, for the performance and all, SPRUZ IS THE CHEAPEST PLATFORM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, starting off with a page on an already established network is GREAT for SEO!  By using a paid account, Google understands that your page is not spam and is a niche product. It is also attached to an authority website by default. How awesome is that? Give it some serious thought for future reference!

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