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HISTORY BLOG (THROWBACK POST): Archive – Shorty Produkshins: Mz Shorty P (2008)


Archive – Shorty Produkshins: Mz Shorty P (2008)

Shorty Produkshins: Mz Shorty P

At the ripe age of twenty, this felysist (as she refers to a female lyricist) has been kickin’ butt in an industry full of men. So how does a young woman like Jessica Abraham achieve such accomplishments? Well, if you know Shorty, you would know exactly how much brain power, hard work, and hustlin’ she had to do to get where she is at.

Finding her call in life at a very early age, she started to form groups in which she sang and danced. “None of us were really good. We were still in elementary school. Shoot, I can’t even sing! But, that didn’t matter I wanted to keep trying even when my group members didn’t show interest any more. I guess my dream kept getting bigger and bigger!”

As a elementary and junior high student, she always found a way to stay on the honor roll and indulge herself into the music industry. “Ha ha. I remember taping the Grammy Awards since 1996, and I can remember watching my first one when Tag Team performed. I was always like , ‘I’m gonna get one those one day.’”

However, it wasn’t until 1999 that Shorty met Lena, a girl from Brooklyn who could sing her ass off. “Me and Lena decided we needed to be a group with as much dedication to the music we both demonstrated. Working with Lena really taught me how to work with other artists and adapt to their techniques, as well as shaping them into the perfect mold. This is also the point of time when I decided I should focus more on rapping.”

Almost immediately after recording her first album, “The Sketches in a Notebook- The Demo,” she learned on her own, despite what others told her, that she really wasn’t meant to be a singer. In 2001, she found her niche.

With a few minor performances, she realized if she wanted to be a rapper, she had what is took. However, she had also fell in love with the actual production when she was eight. She would make beats by banging on waste baskets and glasses recording them into a little green radio and replaying the tape in a bigger stereo, creating layers. Later, her and her group members would sing over the tracks in the same fashion.

In 2001, she received her first computer where she would use “Windows Sound Recorder” to create the same effect. Later that year, she got her first DAM by Sonic Foundry, called Vegas Video, from her mentor, DL Hopson. He began to teach her basic techniques in which gave her that jump start into her production career.

Also this year, she learned how to make beats using a computer. She began to learn different techniques to build her own style. Her ultimate goal in life became to create a new genre of music.

As 2003 hit, it was Shorty’s senior year in high school. She had many tasks she had to do in order to make it out of high school. One of them was to create something. That was a vague and open ended project, but she decided to create a demo into the industry, which inturn, became an album.

This album was well planned out. Yet with many other tasks that kept her from achieving what she originally set out for, she only had a week to complete the actual project. Originally, she would have had months to complete this task. When the album came out, it featured her singing and rapping, and it sounded horrible.

In the process of planning and actually recording the album, she stumbled across a school in Orlando, FL that taught her what she felt she should know and helped fill in a lot of voids and common misconceptions about the industry. Before she left, she began to record Mydnyte Fyre, GT, and Klotz the Beat Machine getting more practice in for what was next to come.

As she arrived in Orlando and almost immediately meeting Blaise, the two began working together on many projects along with ODawg, Budtaz, U- Con, DEMO (from Two Opposites), and D-Mo (R.I.P.). Sphynx then came into the picture, and Shorty Produkshins was official. Much more recording brought about more practice and more equipment was purchased.

By the time Shorty Produkshins was actually registered in 2005, the whole studio was complete. She named it unofficially Shorty’s Playground in 2001 when it was merely just a computer and computer mic. However, it was known to others as such in 2005. Eventually the studio was sold, and Shorty’s Playground took form of a company in which promotes and sales beats for commission for other labels and beat makers. Shorty Promotions is another company that LiL Shorty started in 2004, when she created a business idea, yet to be announced. However, in 2006 she expanded upon it and now brings you a new venue of promotion where the client actually makes money spending money… like the stock market.. What else is she currently up to?

Early 2006, also marked the end of Shorty’s Playground as a studio. It was sold in order to allow Shorty to focus more attention on other goals. Moving the label to the north in mid 2006, Shorty began expanding upon her achievements. Since then and leading up to mid 2007, Shorty has been involved in two movies. One is “Front Page.” It is a thriller written by Photographer, Michael Migliore (Also Shorty’s photographer and good friend.) In this movie she plays a Gothic chick named Suzie who dies by the hands of her neighbor.

The second movie was part of a series of movies written by Ryan Cavalini, entitled “The Dead Body Man Chronicles,” in which she plays another character also named Suzi. This movie is more of a comedy that may compare to Scary Movie 1-4. In the movie, she plays an ex- porn star who resides in a mental home. Highly tense and extremely paranoid, Suzi saves the day. While her name isn’t Suzie like her alter egos, this brown-eyed Susan has also been modeling.

Putting her music career on hold for almost a year, Shorty P is ready to come back and bring it harder than ever. Throwing certain projects out the window, Shorty P is starting fresh. Don’t worry. You WILL still get old tracks exclusively from our site. “I am very superstitious. I think the album wasn’t meant to be, for the name or some other purpose. We had so many losses of hard drives, equipment and tracks, among other things. There is some reason I wasn’t supposed to put this last album out. So, I am just throwing the last album away and starting from scratch.”

That being said, Shorty P is still producing and making beats. She is also planning on rebuilding a new studio for Shorty Produkshins. However, Shorty’s Playground will now be known for Shorty P’s solo work. Look for this girl on further movies, magazines, web sites, and other mediums. “2007 is the comeback year- La Reconquista Norte!”

HISTORY BLOG (THROWBACK POST): Archive – Shorty Produkshins: T. Mill (2008)


Archive – Shorty Produkshins: T. Mill (2008)

Shorty Produkshins: T. Mill


Currently building the first independent entertainment arts label in Alabama, T. Mill can be found composing a wide variety of projects covering different genres of music, film, art, & literary projects. His second release “A Priceless Affair” is his instrumental story and an experiment. T.Mill is also the driving force and owner behind Xsodus Productions.

Working in the entertainment industry for over twelve full years, Mill actually began his love for music as a hobby. At just the age of 9, he began crafting his own mix tapes. The interesting thing about it was that these mix tapes were almost like a diary to his life. He even states, while laughing uncontrollably, “I think that was the best music of my life, because every time I hear it I can see what I was doing at that time, it’s like a soundtrack to my life. Music was so fun back then.” He goes on to tell how he acted like six different on-air personalities and DJs.

It really wasn’t until Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. rose to fame that T. Mill truly found inspiration. Through their influence, T. Mill found confirmation that he wanted to write songs and lyrics for hip hop music. He claims that “Tupac’s ‘Thug Life’ poetic diagnosis and Biggie’s intricate lyrical improvisations” are what did it for him! Mill always loved to write poetry, but he soon learned to manipulate words and phrases on his own accord.

Once in Jr. High, Mill became a student of Jazz and Gospel music. This is also where he began to play the Alto Saxophone. Eventually, it came to the point where nothing could keep him from finding an instrument of expression, since nearly his entire family including his mother, learned some formal or professional training in piano and choir. Many Saturday afternoons reflect images of T. Mill, as he sat in the front pew of the church. It was here that he would attentively listen in awe at the harmonies of his mother’s choir.

His aunt soon agreed music was something Tim was not only good at but naturally creative as well. Her experiences in the industry and many famous friends, granted Tim the opportunity to learn more and begin laying a foundation to live his dream.

Mill’s first job at 12 yrs old, taking newspaper subscriptions, bought him his first keyboard from a local pawnshop. This pawnshop would later serve and deliver nearly all of his musical equipment needs. The Bad Boy Entertainment & Death Row empire greatly influenced Tim to take a shot at producing music. Finally after reading a gift from his aunt “ All you need to know about the music business. By Donald Passman.” Tim finally decided to take his music serious enough to create his own empire.

Class Act Records was the beginning of Tim’s vision. He produced, recorded and engineered his very first official album entitled “Class Act Compilation Vol.1.” He and the other 4 artists on his label promoted and marketed the album during and after school.

He became confident in his production abilities, after he heard another classmate, whom he didn’t even know, singing one of the tracks from the album “Onions & Green Peppers (Weed and Money),” He went on to continue producing five more albums on the Class Act label, before it closed.

All artists moved on to signing with other labels; and Class Act was genuinely an experiment for all. It acted as a launching pad to bigger and better things for all members. His brother, Charles Miller, is now a successful independent artist. Nuffsedd has recently re-signed to Tim’s current entertainment arts & recording company, Xodus Productions.

In 2001 Tim, signed to his longtime friend and mentor, Deron’s, Palisade Hills label, as the second Hip Hop and R&B, artist to the eclectic family of Electronic, Trip Hop, Alternative, Experimental, and Ambient artists. Under Palisade, he recorded the album “Shylock” with the moniker of “Capo.” This album was produced entirely by DeRon, but has now been re-released, along with additional material dubbed “The Rest of Yesterday, The Beginning of Today (T.Mill).” It is available on many online retailers, including iTunes.

Offering much support and many resources, it was the friend’s of T. Mill that kept him encouraged to where he wanted to create a new company for himself. He would go on to indulge himself and commit to several artists and projects. Some of these projects have included producing and recording eight artists, writing two books, and even shooting a film. Over the course of twelve years, his work proved to be more than one man could handle.

The release of DeRon’s “The Ministry of You” was a huge inspiration for Tim’s upcoming release “A Priceless Affair.” He is now building Xsodus Productions, while playing the role of an affiliated producer of both Shorty Produkshins & Eargasmz LLC. He has also worked as a part of SPK and Postman Productions.

Currently, he’s handpicking talented and creative individuals who are interested in joining his team and network, in order to share his vision with the world. “I want to inspire everyone as much as music and art has inspired me. I live humbly and grateful for the simplest things in which music and art is responsible for,” he states when being asked what keeps him motivated.

In 2006, he became a member of ASCAP. He works with Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Electronica, Trip Hop, Alternative, and Experimental. He touches on Spoken Word, as well.

Some influences include: James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, DeRon, Timbaland, Dr.Dre, Dj Premier, Babyface & L.A.Reid, Sean Combs, Easy Mo Bee, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Isley Brothers, Prince, Tricky, Bjork, and the Sneaker Pimps.

A few of his projects include:

P.R.I.M.E Example- P.R.I.M.E / Sole Producer.
Cla$$ Act Compilation Vol. 1- Various Artists. / Sole
Double Tint- Double Tint. (P.R.I.M.E & L-Jay) / Sole
Feeyah – L Jay/ Producer
Cla$$ Act Compilation Vol.2- Various Artists./ Sole
Frame of Mind- Double Tint. (P.R.I.M.E. Mill & Nuff
Sedd.) / Producer, executive producer.
P.R.I.M.E – P.R.I.M.E. Mill / Sole producer.
Shylock – Capo/artist
Young’n’wize – Young’n’wize / Sole produced
M.C.I.P & SPK – Various Artists. / executive
The Takeover – Capo / Artist
Syndicate – The Syndicate/ Group, artist.

He has also worked with these artists:




Kid Bro/ Charles Miller.

Further Notice.

Self ( P.R.I.M.E Mill, Capo, T.Mill, Imbibe, CharlieTip, Jones Café’.)

Young’n’Wize/ Psylenz/ Wallace

Monica J


Mel-Quan/ Big City
Star Livin


Young Vicious


Putty/ Nightmare Camp



Chi Town’s Ill-A-Noise



HISTORY BLOG (THROWBACK POST): Archive – Mz Shorty P Named EXECUTIVE PRODUCER – Full Story – (August 2008)

 Archive – Mz Shorty P Named EXECUTIVE PRODUCER – Full Story – (August 2008)


Jessica “Mz Shorty P” Abraham of Shorty Produkshins is named Executive Producer of five Summer Projects internationally released from the SandStreet Music/ Murphy Boyz Entertainment Label. Sands Street is also part of Bungalo/ Universal Music Group.

She was brought in by Five-Time Platinum Selling, Grammy Award Winners, Burn ‘N’ Bush AKA The Newton Twins to become the Executive Producer on this project. So, make sure you check out the following projects:

Two of Five Current Releases Include:
The Burn ‘N’ Bush Sessions with single release by Jazmine Sullivan.

Burn ‘N’ Bush are the brains and souls of this project. The Newton Twins are the embodiment of this production duo and at it again with the Burn ‘N’ Bush Sessions. Burn ‘N’ Bush is known primarily with the work they have done with Lauryn Hill, Nelly, Christina Aguilera, John Legend and other respected artists in the industry. They are also 5-time Platinum Grammy Award Winners.

.Burn ‘N’ Bush Sessions make you want to just lay on your bed, your couch, or sit in your car to listen to this project over and over. This is the first single off of the album to follow, including singles from J. Michael and Jazmine Sullivan.

Jazmine Sullivan is known for the recent, Reggae-inspired release featuring Missy Elliot, entitled “Need U Bad.” If you think that this girl could sing that song, you need to hear her in this soulful single that is a sure hit, entitled “Season 2 Love.” It is available for purchase and viewing:

  • Napster
  • Shockhound
  • Groupie Tunez
  • Itunes
  • eMusic
  • Rhapsody
  • Amazon Mp3

Also available in these countries:



Innate- “Sitt’n Nice”Innate, New York conscience rapper, releases “Sitt’N Nice.” “Sitt’N Nice” is sure to be a hit off of the upcoming Cease Fire Album. If you like Common, Talib, and Mos, but want something new.



You definitely need to check out Sands Street’s Innate. Like he says if he “had a penny for the truth…he’s be a rich man!” Innate doesn’t hold anything back from reality!

It is available for purchase and viewing in the below music stores:
It is available for purchase and viewing:

  • Napster
  • Shockhound
  • Groupie Tunez
  • Itunes
  • eMusic
  • Rhapsody
  • Amazon Mp3

Also available in these countries:






Archive – Mz Shorty P Named EXECUTIVE PRODUCER (August 2008)

Jessica “Mz Shorty P” Abraham of Shorty Produkshins is named Executive Producer of five Summer Projects internationally released from the SandStreet Music/ Murphy Boyz Entertainment Label. Sands Street is also part of Bungalo/ Universal Music Group.

Jazmine Sullivan



She was brought in by Five-Time Platinum Selling, Grammy Award Winners, Burn ‘N’ Bush AKA The Newton Twins to become the Executive Producer on these projects.