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HISTORY BLOG (THROWBACK POST): Archive – Need a studio? Music mixed? Remixed? Female Feature? $20/hr. (December 27, 2008 )

Tuesday, February 9, 2010Archive – Need a studio? Music mixed? Remixed? Female Feature? $20/hr. (December 27, 2008 )

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Need a studio? Music mixed? Remixed? Female Feature? $20/hr.
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Hello! Great news, Shorty Produkshins’ Shorty’s Playground will only be charging a fee of $20 an hour for record time and $60 for a mix or master for the month of January. It is $90 for both, a mix and a master and $150 for remixes or a chopped and screwed version of your track. In addition, Mz Shorty P is now available to get on your tracks for only $50. These prices have been lowered due to the economy and do not reflect the actual quality of the work performed at the studio location.

Remember, Shorty Produkshins brings to Pittsburgh/ New Kensington quality from Orlando, FL. With formal training in Recording Arts and Entertainment Business received from Full Sail University, years of experience, and mentoring from Grammy-winning industry professionals, Shorty Produkshins is also a part of the Recording Academy (Grammy Awards) and WEEN (Russell Simmons’ Hip Hop Summit’s Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network.)

The studio is in a private, quiet location and not everyone is admitted. ID is required, along with a deposit of $20 that will be credited towards your session, unless you do not show. You will be required to fill out paperwork once you are here, because it is a PRIVATE studio. This can be downloaded via e-mail, printed, and filled out before coming to the studio.

There is HIDDEN video surveillance on the premises and webcams throughout the studio. These are watched by local authorities, and an audience may view webcams on the website. Your session will be recorded once you are here, and able to be purchased for use on DVDs and/or web pages.

The studio is decorated in fluorescent colors and black-lighting. There is a bathroom, lobby, and full kitchen on the premises. Your session will be timed, and you will be responsible for making payment BEFORE your session. Breaks and leaving in and out will be included in the time of your session to keep courtesy to the studio and other clients.

For more information, reply to this message, call (724) 472-1350 or (407) 683-4141. The 407 number is textable, and you may also write to

PROFESSIONALISM and RESPECT are a MUST. Ignorance and attitude will not be tolerated. Guests will also be required to fill out paperwork and no one may be invited during a session. The studio location must stay private. Anyone who breaks this rule WILL be banned from the premises INDEFINITELY.

While there are a lot of rules, please remember this is a business and we provide quality. We aren’t uptight, however business is business. Remember also, that this is a PRIVATE studio, not a public one. Please respect this.

Final masters and mixes will be available Online upon completion. ProTools sessions are and raw files are available for purchase. Four hour lock-outs are available for $75, eight for $150, ten for $170, and twelve for $200.

Hope to see you soon,
Jessica “Mz Shorty P” Abraham

PS. Booking must be made a week in advance (Friday being the last day of the week), and a 24-hour notice of cancellation must be made prior to a session. There must also be a call made 24-hours in advance to verify you will be in the session the next day, or you may lose your session time and deposit money.

If you do not make your booking a week in advance or take someone else’s session, session time will be $35 an hour. To have a track mixed within two business days (Tracks MAY take up to 5, depending on how busy the studio is), there will be a fee of $100 (instead of $60) for “rush work.” To have the track mixed and mastered under this premise (rush work), a fee of $175 will take place of the normal $90 project fee.