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HISTORY BLOG (Throwback Posts): Archive – MESSAGE TO THE FANS: March 4, 2009

Archive – MESSAGE TO THE FANS: March 4, 2009
MESSAGE TO THE FANS: March 4, 2009

Aye, this is to the many fans WORLDWIDE AKA Y’ALL!

If you have been paying attention to the website, you know that 2008 has brought the label many new milestones and many exciting changes.

Personally, I think the year worked out very productively for the company, as well as for myself on a personal level. Well, first of all March of 2008 marked the return of your favorite female producer to Full Sail for her Master’s in Entertainment Business. She has received many Course Director Awards and carries a VERY high GPA. After graduating in the next few months, she will return for a second Master’s in Internet Marketing. That brings me to the next subject.

This year, Mz Shorty P not only received Executive Producer credits on projects from Sands Street/ Universal, but because of those projects had been involved in the promoting of Jazmine Sullivan’s two soulful singles, “Season 2 Love” an “L.O.V.E.” I’m sure the promotion of those two singles and her two radio released singles lead the deserving girl to five Grammy Nominations.

Grammy! Oh, yeah! This year I became part of the Recording Academy and the Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network. Which seems to be a big thing to ya’ll upon coming into “The Playground.”

What else happened this year? Well, Shorty Produkshins became affiliated with Super Producer, Blass, and Super South Producer, June. Shorty Produkshins is also proud to announce the upcomming release of International Money’s debut album and mixtape that Blass has worked so hard on. Be on the look out for an International Money/ Mz Shorty P collabo for “Shorty Like Mercedes” later this year!!

Oh, Gees! I forgot the most important thing!!!! SHORTY’S PLAYGROUND! Without the Playground, nothing would be possible! And in January of 2008, we almost thought it would be impossible. Shorty Produkshins had to start from scratch to bring back the long lost studio from its two-year grave.

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Because of the studio, many more connections have been made. Many more affiliations have been made. Furthermore, many more lifelong partnerships have been made!

So much has happened this year, so much indeed. I cannot even begin to list all of it, but I’m sure that you can do your research! And, I know you will!

Shout outs to my family for being there when I was stressing out and for helping me. Xavier, thanks for allowing me to be part of Sands Street/ Universal. Hunter…. we’re going to do something big.. just watch…. Michael and Bryant, even though I have been a ghost I still thank you for everything, the littlest things mattered the most! Shouts to Twenten, even through all the problems and drama. DL, Clove, T. Mill, Lupa… nothing but love for you guys! Some of you took a lot from me, and I’ll make up for it one day! LSSBLSB… I love you, guys! And, even though I’m leaving you guys…. Shout to 0-6, Mook Mook, Kemickal, Big Bizz, Cannon, JP, the Burgh, and as always… SMOOCHEZ to the FLA! And, honestly, I hope I didn’t forget ANYONE!!! Because, every little thing played a major role in everything that happened for the company and for me.

Love, Mz Shorty P

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HISTORY BLOG (THROWBACK POST): Archive – Shorty Produkshins: Atlanta Location (February 2009)


Archive – Shorty Produkshins: Atlanta Location (February 2009)

Shorty Produkshins:

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Atlanta Location

It was never the intention of Shorty Produkshins to leave the South for as long as it had. However, it is wise to make the best of any situation; and that is exactly what this legendary label did.

Shorty Produkshins found a home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for close to three years. Within these three years, the label opened up a branch of the Shorty’s Playground Studio. Shorty Produkshins learned a few things from the “folks up north.” But, intends on perfecting the perfection it once had over its own prescence in the south… only this time Shorty Produkshins’ main location will NOT be in Florida!

We already know, it’s more than a little cold outside! Turn on CNN, turn on, and check out your grand daddy’s stocks. The economy is bad, and people are broke. Shorty Produkshins has always catered to the people and their needs. And this is exactly why the label is moving to Atlanta, Georgia.

Shorty Produkshins




Atlanta is known as the “Hip Hop Capitol of the South.” This means that the label will be able to bring you nothing but the hotness! Hot acts, sizzlin’ projects, and you won’t be able to get enough of it. But, what does the economy have to do with the decision to move to Atlanta?? The fact that Shorty Produkshins will be offering nothing but low rates on QUALITY work (fine tuned by those who used the studio in the north). This will be enough for the staff to bring in the hottest acts and really give all y’all something to be proud of!

Shorty Produkshins

While the new studio location may not be up and running right away due to construction, Shorty Produkshins will be moving its Shorty’s Playground studio to Atlanta in March of 2009!!! What does that mean to Pittsburgh acts that still want to work with the Shorty Produkshins staff? A few things, actually *See Below*.

And, what about our people in Florida? How can we ever forget you. You are who made us who we are today! You know we will be back and forth to track and mix and even chill witcha! Florida IS home, after all!!! To those elsewhere in the world, we can work with you through the Internet, unless better arrangements are able to be made. We can still mix, master and remix your product and love to do it!

Be on the lookout, ATLANTA!!! Here we come!

1. You can travel here to use the studio and get “hooked up.”
*** if you travel, you will be in the “A.” AKA Vacation and the opportunity to …………have your .music heard in such a city.
2. We can come up there with a portable studio.
****those tracks will still hit the “A,” because they will come back with us to be …..mixed.
3. You can find a project studio in Pittsburgh and send us your files to be mixed, …..mastered, remixed, screwed and so on…
***I smell collabs between the North and the South.