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HISTORY BLOG (THROWBACK POST): Archive If you REALLY want me to listen to your music… (Jan 2010)

If you REALLY want me to listen to your music…


Upload your music, and I’ll be sure to listen… Videos welcome! I don’t have enough time to do it on individual profiles on MySpace. Put it all in one place and network at the same time! If you REALLY want me to listen, then don’t hesitate! Those who take their craft seriously won’t!

The site has just begun a promotion phase. It is estimated that within two weeks the site will hit 500-1000 people… BY THE WAY, “THEY” ARE LISTENING! Be the first to get your work on the site! In addition to listeners, this site is being publicized and sponsors are finding their way here! If you are a fan of music, a creator, or a scout, there is something here for all of you!

Be on the lookout, contests, giveaways, and FREE mobile fun will be hitting the POEOHSEVEN NETWORK real soon!

HISTORY BLOG (THROWBACK POST): Archive – Friday, January 29, 2010 Want something to write/blog about? Poetic of Treal (January 29, 2010)

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2010 Archive – Friday, January 29, 2010 Want something to write/blog about? Poetic of Treal (January 29, 2010)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Category: Music
A lover of music, Poetic of Treal embodies exactly the qualities that an “artist” should. A songwriter, producer, lyricist, and performer, Poetic can create a “movie” in just a short amount of time and have it on playback even quicker. Why, just listening to his music keeps you visualizing the story in your head!

A long list of collaborations, including Pleasure P, Haitian Fresh, Papa Duck, Soulja Red, Quent Aleem, Smoke from Field Mob, CasaNova, Mr. Smilez (just to name a few), and of course his career with Treal has created him into a monster that is constantly looking to work with both new indie and established artists in the entertainment industry.

Poetic is primarily known as one-quarter of Orlando-based hip hop group, Treal. Treal is known for hit singles, “Don’t Worry Bout Mine,” “I’m Not Lockdown,” and “Spaceship (Treal’s MySpace Page).” Winning Ozone and Orlando Hip Hop awards, many of their mixtape releases have been hosted by DJs such as DJ Smalls with Southern Smoke, DJ Trashy, and DJ Jay Rock of Down South Bangers. They have also toured with many headliners such as Li’l Wayne, T.I., and Plies. Their single, “I’m Not Lockdown,” landed them a single deal from Universal Records, giving national attention to Orlando’s hip hop scene. While the group remains unbroken, each member plans to release solo projects in addition to the projects being released as a group.

Poetic has gained International exposure as part of Treal and through his own “coming out” in late 2009, commencing with an August video release party of his single, “Impatient,” at Club Element in Orlando, FL. Poetic continues to perform, produce, collaborate and write songs for other musician’s in the Urban Music Communities. He has recently been showcased at the “Supastar Edition of Soul of the City” at Orlando’s Club 57 West, ending the 2009 year with multiple shows around the Southeastern United States and doing videoshoots for upcoming videos and DVDs, many of which were filmed for projects other than his own. He was also chosen as a feature for Ozone Magazine’s Florida Classic Weekend Edition.

Since the onset of 2010, Poetic has already released a new single, “Stuck in My Head,” launched a Website ( and the Poe-OH-Seven Social Network that allows users to upload their own music (,continues doing shows with Treal – who has also just released a new track (“Rabbit Ass Mind”), gained a few sponsors, finalized plans for a gaming project, made appearances at special events in and around South
Florida, collaborated with a few producers and artists in the industry, and is now recording new tracks for his new mixtape and album. It isn’t even February yet! Imagine just what is to come!

What he says for the 2010 year: “If you ain’t helpin’, keep hatin’!” –Poetic of Treal, 2009.

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