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HISTORY BLOG (THROWBACK POST): Archive – The Return Of Lupa: Finally a Free MAN!!! (February 2008)

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2010 Archive – The Return Of Lupa: Finally a Free MAN!!! (February 2008)


Welcome home, Lupa! Or, should we say “Channing Carmada?” This boy changes his name more than his sentences… and BOY, has he been doing that a lot. If you didn’t know, your boy was on lockdown for the past year. But, that’s where we left you.

Cop his soon to be released “In the Presence of the Enemy,” which hasn’t been released yet because it still was a story unfolding. If you get the chance to hear this album, you will realize how “Snitchburgh” got him put house arrest.

Things happen.

From house arrest, Channing spent some time in prison, and eventually ended up in a halfway house for those getting “their lives back on track.”

Well, this is time you should be happy for. Channing got a whole lot in store for those who are ready for something new and real. What’s the reason for the name change? Well, let’s just say the boy has been practicing them vocal skills!!!

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The Return Of Lupa:Finally a Free MAN!!!