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HISTORY BLOG (THROWBACK POST): Archive – Producer Summary (March 2008)

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2010  Archive – Producer Summary (March 2008)

Shorty Produkshins: Artists

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Providing you with some of the hottest ish the FLA has got to offer, Shorty Produkshins would like to introduce to you to Mz Shorty P, DJ Clove, T. Mill, and Lupa. This small crew became the “last of the mo’ speakins’” chosen to stay on the Shorty Produkshins roster of a history of over 80 artists. These artists have proven themselves as such, by showing the constant meaning of true dedication, ambition, and drive.


>> Mz Shorty P

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Mz Shorty P remains the last of the members of the original Shorty Produkshins, where Shorty P was known as Lil Shorty and branding was done differently. She is in between Orlando, FL and Pittsburgh, PA most of the time handling business. She is part of WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network), the Recording Academy (GRAMMY Association), and plays the roles of Artist, Beat Maker, Songwriter, Producer, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER on quite a few Sands Street/ Universal Projects, Producer manager and CEO of Shorty’s Playground & Shorty Produkshins. She has an Associate’s in Recording Arts and both, a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Entertainment Business and Law, along side years of experience.


>> DJ Clove

DJ Clove is of the second generation of Shorty Produkshins, after the third studio took form in 2005. DJ Clove is a DJ/ Beat Maker/ Producer who holds down her own squad in Orlando, FL. She has won many battles in the State of Florida, triumphing over many male counterparts. She is “Florida’s Favorite Female DJ.”She received best “Female Producer and Writer of the Year” as recognized by the Who’s Who Among Metropolitan Women, at the age of 21. She has also been the D.J. for a number of events including Hot Import Nights, Celebrity Gatherings, Charity Work for under-previlaged youth as well as University after parties and Award Show after parties. She is also part of Hood Hard Hitmakers, a group of DJs out of Atlanta.

>> Lupa

Dyse AKA Lupa of Pittsburgh, PA was added to the team in late 2006 as a Beat Maker and Artist. He gives great live shows via different types of ethnic drums and his accoustic guitar. He is currently working on his voice, but in the meantime spits about life, as if it were a diary. He is of the fourth generation Shorty Produkshins.

>> T.Mill

Newest to the S.P. roster and reppin’ for the sixth generation, T. Mill comes to us from From “The Ham” and “The Ville” in Alabama. He is also a beat maker/ Producer. He holds his own team down, while contributing to the success of Shorty Produkshins and all involved. He is currently building the first independent entertainment arts label in Alabama. He is composing a wide variety of projects covering different genres of music, film, art, & literary projects. His second release “A Priceless Affair” is his instrumental story experiment. T.Mill is the driving force and owner behind Xsodus Productions.

>> Coop Deisel

Coop comes from the fifth generation of Shorty Produkshins. He left for a short while and has returned during the sixth generation. He is a beat maker, first, and artist, second. While he is signed to Shorty Produkshins as a beat maker, he is an artist on his own label- DOA Records. This Pittsburgh native brings to the label a West Coast feel (even though he is from the East Coast).

Not only do we feature artists of Shorty Produkshins on this site, but we also showcase those who have stood along side of us through the come up, through the mixtapes, and guest spots on our compilations. We are honored to showcase these artists as they have shown the same passion for the art form as we do. Some of these artists have done so through Shorty Promotions, a promotion service we provide. Make sure you check them out! Much Love, I’m gone!

HISTORY BLOG (THROWBACK POST): TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2010 Archive – The Return Of DJ CLOVE:Looks Like Females Rule 2008/ 2009 (March 2008)

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2010 Archive – The Return Of DJ CLOVE:Looks Like Females Rule 2008/ 2009 (March 2008)


The Return Of DJ CLOVE: Looks Like Females Rule 2008/ 2009DJ CLOVE… CLOVE.. Clove… Clove… “O-town’s Favorite Female DJ!!!” Mz Clova has been dealin’ with some things… What can we say? Everyone on Shorty Produkshins KEEP IT REAL, if you KNOW what I mean.

Anyways, upon the move of the label and selling of the Shorty’s Playground studio in Orlando, FL, Shorty Produkshins and DJ Clove split ways. Well, as you know, the Reconquista is taken over the world STARTING in 2008. Ending? Neva!

You know that Mz Shorty P and DJ Clove are tighter than… Well, we don’t know how they could even split to begin with. Now, the world is natural again.


Shorty Produkshins plans to “Put on for their DJ” for 2008 and beyond. This girl has been featured at a few Ozones and you know this chick is still knockin’ them dudes out, hands down.. Both, literally and on the ones and twos.