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HISTORY BLOG (THROWBACK POST): Archive Poetic of Treal and Mz Shorty P Team up to give ONE FREE MONTH OF ONLINE PROMOTIONS (March 2010)


Poetic of Treal, Mz Shorty P and Shorty Produkshins have teamed up to bring you on free month of promotion. That’s right ONE FREE MONTH of Social Branding and Event Marketing for that month. Of course, it won’t be as effective as doing it on a regular basis, and actual promotions will be limited due to the nature of this contest. But, it will still be effective and create a larger social presence for your brand Online.

So, what do you have to do to win this promotions package? Well, Poetic, Mz Shorty P and Shorty Produkshins are asking that you refer friends to the site and have them state that you have invited them here. You are also allowed to let us know, because sometimes people just forget to mention that you invited them. April 1, 2010 will mark the deadline to get in all of your friends for this contest! The user who has invited and documented the most viewers gets a promotion package that includes the following:

1 Press Release (also distributed)
1 Refined Brand Biography
1 Social Media Release
1 MySpace Redesign
1 Consultation
1 Twitter Background
1 Ning Network Designed and STARTED with friends
A month of Friendblasts on MySpace
A month of Bulletins/Blogging on 3 social networks
1 Event Promotion for the month
Graphics needed to make this possible
…. and a few little suprises

Remember, after a month (30 days), Shorty Produkshins will not be responsible for your social presence and/or any negative feedback from those who are not fans of the recipient. Shorty Produkshins will not be held accountable for any damages other than those actually created by the company itself. Because Shorty Produkshins has years of experience and is a very professional entity, there will be no foreseen damages that will take place.

Get started as soon as you can! Send out bulletins, blogs, invites and use the friend inviter on this very own network. It allows you to import from your Gmail, instant messengers and more!

Good Luck!
The Poe-Oh-Seven Network

HISTORY BLOG (THROWBACK POST): ARCHIVE Maskman Records Presents: Fatal the Maskman, Poetic of Treal, and Nardo + Hot Mess in The Benefit Bash 2010

Benefit Bash 2010: Presented By Maskman Records


Saturday, March 20, 2010
9:00 PM

Maskman Records Presents:
Fatal the Maskman, Poetic of Treal, and Nardo + Hot Mess in The Benefit Bash 2010

“Giving back to the community is what it’s all about”

Make sure to come through, because you definitely don’t want to miss this! 

Check out

Club Aqua
Night Club and Lounge

11000 Beach Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32224
(904) 982-4742

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HISTORY BLOG (THROWBACK POST): Archive Poetic of Treal Brings Together Community and the World: What’s the Buzz? (March 2010)

Poetic of Treal Brings Together Community and the World: What’s the Buzz?


Poetic Brings Together Community and the World:
What’s the buzz about the Poe-Oh-Seven Network?
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Poetic of Treal brings together community and the world for a new type of social network.
ORLANDO, March 11, 2010 – Poetic of Treal has recently launched the Poe Oh Seven Network at This site serves many purposes to the artist, music fans, high-ranking industry professionals (many of which choose to “lurk” the site), entrepreneurs and affiliated artists in the entertainment industry. He is currently in the process of bringing a community of providers and consumers together for a chance to socialize, mingle and sell a product or two.
Unlike many sites that tend to host just music or music videos or “hook-people-up,” the Poe-Oh-Seven Network brings different niches together to socialize and discuss a variety of topics, whether they are of the same “social class,” race, industry or even country. Because there is only one platform, this community will be held together due to the various topics a user will experience on each visit. This is to be compared to a lounge that everyone hangs out at after an industry convention. It’s a mixture of entertainment, socialization, and information based on the communities own experiences.
While this network is not restricted to the Greater Orlando area, nor is it restricted to Florida, Poe-Oh-Seven is his dedication to the 4-0-7, Orlando. It is also dedicated to those “Poetic at Heart:” the hardworking individuals struggling just to make their dreams and careers come true. Poe-Oh-Seven also speaks to those who are not just struggling in this economy but have been for years… those who are raising children that are not theirs due to hard times.
The”>Poe-Oh-Seven Social Network is attempts to demonstrate this dedication, whether it brings unity into Orlando Hip Hop… or hip hop in general. Poe-Oh-Seven gives artists and fans the means to network amongst themselves, showcase their talents, inform each other about local events and build upon the hip hop community, primarily in Orlando, Florida, where local artists do not seem to support, endorse, or promote each other as they should. Poe-Oh-Seven is also a means of supporting the multiple communities found around Orlando’s Metropolitan area.
Jessica Abraham, Shorty Produkshins
Online Promotions/Social Branding
(407) 683-4141
TWITTER: @mzshortyp
About Shorty Produkshins and Poetic of Treal:
Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotion company, based in Orlando, FL and Pittsburgh, PA. Shorty Produkshins works with Non Profit Organizations, Social Networks, Local and National Recording Artists, Record Labels, Studios, Small Business, etc. in need of Internet Marketing through Online Promotion and Social Branding. The company is ran and owned by Jessica Abraham, who holds a Master’s in Internet Marketing and one in Entertainment Business and Law.
Poetic is one-quarter of Orlando-based hip hop group, Treal. He has gained International exposure as part of Treal and through his own “coming out” in late 2009. Poetic continues to perform, write, produce, collaborate and write songs for other musician’s in the Hip Hop and R&B Communities. He has recently released the “Twist Da Industry” mixtape hosted by DJ Jay Rock of Down South Bangers. This mixtape showcases recent single releases for “Stuck in My Head” and “Impatient.” He has also appeared in many showcases since the beginning of 2010, including benefit bashes and Haiti Relief concerts.


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