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HISTORY BLOG (THROWBACK POST): Archive – Press! Many Artists and Labels Need for Press (September 17, 2007 )

Tuesday, February 9, 2010Archive – Press! Many Artists and Labels Need for Press (September 17, 2007 )

If you haven’t already noticed, people tend to look at you (as a professional) much seriously if you have backing. This includes references, referrals, and press… What does the media think of you? If you need reviews for your albums, get at me. I am currently working for a company that is a major source for what worldwide media goes to for stories. If you would like your review to be found there, contact me and I will hook you up ASAP!

HISTORY BLOG (THROWBACK POST): Archive – Get on a Compilation and/ or Mixtape… Make money! (September 17, 2007 )

Tuesday, February 9, 2010Archive – Get on a Compilation and/ or Mixtape… Make money! (September 17, 2007 )

Monday, September 17, 2007

Category: Music
Basically, it’s like this…. We are putting out compilations and mixtapes, whether you are involved in the project or not. We would like to get as many people involved in the “Reconquista Norte” as possible. This is the new Shorty Produkshins Program for relaunch.

Basically, we are giving you the chance to appear on our up-and- coming projects. You will also receive a few benefits for free… promotion wise… so that we can sell these albums. As you know, Shorty Produkshins has held a lot of clout in the hip hop industry, especially internationally since 2004.

To be on this album will get you a lot of exposure to the mass media and those who can advance your career. Albums will be given away free and sold, depending on the client. Even if our project flops, you will receive your own albums that you can sell to your people and make the money you invest right back and make money in the process. This way, everyone will be happy. The Album will be available online and in Mom and Pop stores to those you can not reach. You will not make any money for albums sold by Shorty Produkshins (being honest), but you will make money for your own sales. What Shorty Produkshins makes as profit will be accepted as payment (not the payment to be involved in the project) to get your single (included on the mixtape and/or compilation) exposed to MANY MANY world wide, to pay for shipping worldwide to those who purchase the work, and the manufacturing of the project. Think about it, the more money they make, the more time they have to expose your work… Also, the more money YOU will make in the future.

A section of the relaunching Shorty Produkshins site will contain an area dedicated to all those included on these projects. The section will include LINKS, CONTACT INFO and PHOTOS of these artists for anyone interested. Think of it as a gift, really. You make money no matter what… If you invest right. For more info contact Shorty P… She has prices involved and benefits included… DON’T FORGET!!! ANYONE INCLUDED ON THESE PROJECTS GETS FREE RADIO PLAY ON THE ROYALTY RADIO STATION!!!!

A little about Shorty Promotions Project:

SHORTY PROMOTIONS As you may be aware, Shorty Produkshins in the process of starting a semi-new form of promoting not only
Shorty P artists, but also affiliate artists and labels.

“We realize that there are so many of us in the game, and no matter what it’s the survival of the fittest.Whether your fit in styles, flows, skills, whits, looks or whatever else makes you successful these days, truth is the fittest are the only ones to survive. So, why hate? For reals, I think things get more interesting when people from all over the country, or world for that matter, bump heads and put together a project,” claims Shorty P, head of promotions.

That being said, she has been working to put it into effect. How, you might ask. Well, compilation albums and mixtapes. “It’s actually a win/ win situation for all. We all get profit, we all get promotion where normally it wouldn’t be found.” However, it’s not as simple as it may sound. There IS a screening process Millions of forms to
fill out and different categories to pick from.

“I realize not everyone got the cash to invest in professional equipment. That’s how I started. I don’t want to turn down what may be the best but most unfortunate artist from being on an album. I was given the chance; I wanna do the same for someone else. I also wanna help others like me that have worked extremely hard to get where they are who CAN get the equipment, but may not have enough or the right promotions. There are many categories and classifications for the albums, you can check that out on the website itself.”

So, in what ways will Shorty P be promoting these labels and artists? The answers are: Online, On the Streets, In retail, Used, and College Campus stores, Radio Stations, and millions of other places. The funny thing is technically, it won’t cost you that much. And you WILL be making money!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010Archive – HELP.. YOU INTERESTED IN MAKING MONEY? ? (September 01, 2007)

Saturday, September 01, 2007
Hello, Shorty Produkshins is almost ready for an early relaunch of the Shorty Produkshins website. We are also getting ready to launch a radio station that is set for October 1st. However, this may arrive sooner due to participation from those involved. We still need many things from you. And, we have a lot to offer you!

People to write up articles about us for their magazines or simply for credit on our site.

Screen Pressers.

Those who have items up for promotions / contest giveaways in exchange for advertising.

Music and commercials for our new station.

WHAT WE HAVE TO OFFER (current special prices):


Radio Promotions
Creating a Commercial for you… (also making it sound nice and leasing one of our instrumentals to the commercial)… $25
$3.50 per commercial per play (OR) $25 per 10 plays… Obviously, saving you $10

Web Site Promotions
Creating a Web Banner for you… $25

120×60 Web Banner = $10 a month per page
120×120 Web Banner= $15 a month per page
A Bottom Page Ad= $25 a month per page

To those who would like to trade merchandise or services for advertising… PAY ATTENTION!!!

You give us 2 items (one for an S.P. Artist and one for the winner of our contest) and receive this:
Posted on our website with ads, company info and link in our contest section of the page (duration of contest)
PERMANENT (Unless, unless you say to take it down) link in our links section (all affiliates)
1 120X120 banner add on the site (on 5 pages and for 2 months)
1 Bottom page ad (1 month)
1 10 radio plays of a commercial to international listeners (1 month, and we do have these… S.P. is mostly known overseas)
You will be found on every message board we are involved in
Every bulletin posting, ad, blog, e-mail and message we send out during the duration of the contest.

Sound good??? Let me know….

We need music for the radio station RoyaltyRadio…. It’s an online radio station that will be reaching international fans and listeners. It’s only $20 per song put into ROTATION a month. There will also be contests, countdowns, reviews, and much more…. :) Interested?


HISTORY BLOG (THROWBACK POST): Archive – Shorty Produkshins: La Reconquista Norte (Sep 17, 2007)


Archive – Shorty Produkshins: La Reconquista Norte (Sep 17, 2007)

Shorty Produkshins: La Reconquista Norte
The Reconquest of Hip Hop for the North
By Nichole Books,The Associated Content Published Sep 17, 2007 

“Reconquista Norte.” That sounds like something that happened back in the days of The Alamo, doesn’t it? Well, this is 2007 and that is far from the meaning at hand. The “Reconquest North” is brought to you by Shorty Produkshins and its umbrella company, Shorty Promotions. Both ran by Jessica “Miss Shorty P” Abraham, these two companies are in the process of taking back the north for Hip Hop fans, providing them with music, merchandise, promotions and even a radio station.

The online radio station, “Royalty Radio” will be found on Live365 and will include a spin off talk show on Royalty Radio is the finishing touch to the “Reconquista Norte.” It will include appearances by many professionals in the Hip Hop and Entertainment Industries. A weekly panel will be in place, giving listeners the chance to phone in and ask questions and tips that will guide them through their own personal careers. However, this is not the reason “Reconquista Norte” was drawn about.

G-Unit and Dipset is given the current reign over the north. Many fans have actually began to mock what they see on TV or hear on these albums. This is the indirect target for the Reconquista Norte. “Exactly! I got a lot of respect for the business minds behind these people, and they do have some really nice music. Personally, as a Hip Hop fan myself, I am not really feeling what they (G-Unit and Dipset) put out to the masses on certain subjects and how they carry themselves. Everyone knows dang well, their own actions aren’t reality. It’s all one large charade put on to entertain the media. Save that for the movies. This is real life. Hip Hop is supposed to be meaningful or fun. Nothing in between,” states Shorty P.

What about the South? There is a lot of flack on the style, demeanor and topics given there. How is it different from the North to Miss Shorty P? She responds, “That really is a touchy subject. But, you still have fun listening to it. Most of it IS club music, so anything said in a negative manner can’t really be taken too seriously. People go to the club, get drunk, and joke around. Yeah, some people take it too far. But, in the South… and with music at hand, it is all said in fun and even mockery. There is a certain swagger about it, a different meaning… understanding. Say you are in England and you hold up the peace sign, the locals take offense to it.It is almost as if you were flipping someone off. I guess it depends where you are from on how something effects you.

“I am from both, the North and the South. I have taken influences from both styles and incorporated them into my own. I feel that unless it is something poetic and epic, the North can’t even touch the South when it comes to emotion. It’s like in R&B or Rock.

“People can be effected emotionally by a track if it harmonizes or the vocals show emotion themselves. Instruments used can also dictate emotion. This is what Dirty South, or Krunk, does to a person. They rather “Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It” than “Lean Back.” They would rather join in the fun or make their own, than sit back watching someone else have fun or hear about it later.

” To top everything off, the South does have meaningful tracks with more local color involved with them, regardless of what the North wants to believe. Investigation of the genre needs to take place before anyone can say there isn’t anything that is meaningful involved in Krunk music. I think the South is more personal and varies in style than the North. This is the reason for the ‘Reconquista Norte.’ We need to bring the fun back to the North. There is too much of an Urban Civil War going on in the music industry.”

Shorty Produkshins wants to bring back the fun in music to the North. She has been influenced by great acts like LL Cool J, MC Lyte, and many other successful acts (since the start of the Hip Hop Movement) FROM the North that have survived decades, even in a fast changing and fast paced industry. She feels that people have forgotten the meaning of the block parties that brought friends, families, and neighbors together. Most people these days, as she states, “Do not even know the origin of Hip Hop or how it evolved. Meantime, these same people are like, ‘Cam’ Ron is the hottest rapper around.’ Come on, if so why was there such a gap between his so-called debut and so much criticism in ‘Horse N Carriage’ track he did in 1998 with Ma$e? No offense to Dipset (because they have their own swagger and handle business well), but people like them have ruined what Hip Hop is to the North.”

Bases are loaded. Sponsors are supporting; and many projects are to be released in 2008. All that can be said is to be on the lookout for the “Reconquista Norte” which will debut in the fourth quarter of 2007. For more information on this movement, how to get involved or Shorty Produkshins, check out