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HISTORY BLOG (THROWBACK POST): Archive – International Money Goes to Africa (September 2009)

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2010 Archive – International Money Goes to Africa (September 2009)

International Money, Africa’s Gangsta, has so much in store for 2010 that it’s not even to be considered a laughing matter! Money is working on two mixtapes and the release of his “Game Tight” album. Earlier this year, we saw the prelude to this album through his release of the “Sportscenter” mixtape. That was only a begining of what was to come; but really, Money has customized his craft since then. So, it was only really a milestone into his success.
This album will include favorites such as “Streets like a Battlefield,” “Only 1 Life,” “Money Over Everything Except Family,” and “Shawty like Mercedes.” But, as Money has improved his style and incorporated new techniques into his madness, you will realize that this album is something you might not even want to take out of the wrapper. It is a classic.
On a much deeper note, Mr. International Money will be returning to Nigeria for a brief time in order to start what is to be an international tour and will be making many appearances on major television networks and radio syndications. Make sure if you don’t have Twitter by now, you have it by the time Money gets home. His plans are to “Twitter from the jungle” from his AT&T phone.