HISTORY BLOG (THROWBACK POST): TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2010 Archive – The Return Of DJ CLOVE:Looks Like Females Rule 2008/ 2009 (March 2008)

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2010 Archive – The Return Of DJ CLOVE:Looks Like Females Rule 2008/ 2009 (March 2008)


The Return Of DJ CLOVE: Looks Like Females Rule 2008/ 2009DJ CLOVE… CLOVE.. Clove… Clove… “O-town’s Favorite Female DJ!!!” Mz Clova has been dealin’ with some things… What can we say? Everyone on Shorty Produkshins KEEP IT REAL, if you KNOW what I mean.

Anyways, upon the move of the label and selling of the Shorty’s Playground studio in Orlando, FL, Shorty Produkshins and DJ Clove split ways. Well, as you know, the Reconquista is taken over the world STARTING in 2008. Ending? Neva!

You know that Mz Shorty P and DJ Clove are tighter than… Well, we don’t know how they could even split to begin with. Now, the world is natural again.


Shorty Produkshins plans to “Put on for their DJ” for 2008 and beyond. This girl has been featured at a few Ozones and you know this chick is still knockin’ them dudes out, hands down.. Both, literally and on the ones and twos.

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