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Shorty Produkshins teams up with SheFM to market the FIRST ANNUAL International DivaDance Electronic Music Festival

She FM is owned and operated by Garnetta Clark. DivaDance is a subsidiary of SheFM and SheRecords.

Shorty Produkshins has recently teamed up with SheFM, creator of the FIRST ANNUAL International Diva Dance Electronic Music Festival in Las Vegas, NV set for March 9, 2013! Amongst an awesome team of Show Production personnel, the TOP Lady DJs in Electronic Dance Music and the top shelf list of sponsors for this event, Garnetta Clark, visionary — founder — WOMAN-in-POWER, of SheFM enlisted Shorty Produkshins for Event Branding & Marketing services for this much anticipated event!


SheFM Presents DivaDance 2013, an ALL WOMAN International Music Festival for Breast Cancer Awareness and Women's Empowerment in Electronic Dance Music.



LAS VEGAS, NV. — Women find support and empowerment, globally, through the First Annual DivaDance event in Las Vegas, NV. Releasing the “inner diva” through dance is one way SheFM hopes to strengthen an International family of women on the basis of music, sisterhood and breast cancer awareness. SheFM has been organizing and developing an event that would gather women into a centralized location in bringing hope and empowerment to women who have dealt with breast cancer, through that of a loved one or personal experience.

Breast cancer is not something to be taken lightly and is a very serious matter. Because a dark cloud often hovers victims and their families, SheFM has spent these last few years preparing a literal venue that would give back some joy and happiness into these lives and embeds in their hearts a weekend to remember! SheFM now presents to you… DivaDance.

In the ongoing support of breast cancer awareness, Garnetta Clark, the visionary behind SheFM, designed DivaDance to engage communities through Electronic Dance Music, a genre that tends to be male dominated, and women in that field go underappreciated. Connecting women with such a high-energy event will help them morally, emotionally, and physically, as vibrations through high-positivity energies, exercise and laughter will strengthen them through these difficult times. At the very least is sure to put  all women into good spirits and lead them into having a great experience at DivaDance.

With a portion of ticket sales going directly to Breast Cancer Awareness and Research, SheFM has invited some of the TOP names in the World of Electronic Dance Music. As the event caters to women, the entertainment will comprise of mainly female acts. Among these acts are Lady DJs from around the world, spinning and making audience members unable to resist the need to dance and leave all worries in the parking lot.

Each year, new female artists perform for the mass fan who migrate to Metropolitan Areas, such as Chicago and Las Vegas, from all parts of the world. Additionally, SheFM© will nominate the DJ of that prospective year, as well as the “Producer of the Year,” “Label of the Year,” and the up and coming talent to watch!

That being said, SheFM welcomes everyone in support of Breast Cancer Awareness and who love Electronic Music, to join in the festivities in Las Vegas, NV on March 9-10. Two days of conferences, music, competitions, networking, meet-and-greets and more will be well worth the travel for international guests. The set venues are Rumor: Las Vegas, an elite resort setting, and The Larry Flynt Hustler Club, a reason to “love our boobies.” Both venues promise to be in good taste to all audience members, young and old.

Ticketing for these events are already selling fast and are projected to be sold out as the event date approaches. Currently, the roster includes the following mainstream DJs, who are also affiliated with SheFM’s 24/7 Online Radio station. There are a few surprise headliners and DJs that are still awaiting confirmation. Those confirmed Lady DJs include:

DivaDance is currently accepting sponsors, investors, advertisers and inquiries from the press. For more information on ticketing and DivaDance, be sure to visit the DivaDance Network at http://www.divadance.me for more information. Releasing the “inner diva” is our goal in creating sisterhood, empowering Women in Electronic Music, and supporting Breast Cancer Awareness. Join the community. “It’s more than a festival. It’s a lifestyle!”


About DivaDance:

DivaDance is an International Music Festival dedicated to the empowerment of Women in Electronic Dance Music and ongoing support of Breast Cancer Awareness. The event is to be an annual one with this as the commencement of decades to come.

Introducing you to the DivaDance annual event, the founder, Garnetta Clark, has always wanted to make a difference in the lives of all women around the globe. In discovering the two aspects of life that were “near and dear” to her, music and Breast Cancer Awareness, she began in the creation of SheFM and DivaDance.

Music has always been Garnetta’s passion, even at the mere age of 7.  Since then, Garnetta has always wanted to create an event that would forever and positively impact people’s lives — and particularly women. Hence, DIVA DANCE came to life!

DivaDance is an annual music festival that promotes, markets, and showcases female electronic dance music talent from all across the globe. Each year, new female artists perform for the mass fan who migrate to Metropolitan Areas, such as Chicago and Las Vegas, from all parts of the world. Additionally, SheFM© will nominate the DJ of that prospective year, as well as the “Producer of the Year,” “Label of the Year,” and the up and coming talent to watch!


About SheFM:

SheFM is an Online radio station, established in 2010, that focuses on the Women of Electronic Dance Music around the world. Creator Garnetta Clark had long realized the lack of support and empowerment of women in this particular genre and decided it was time to roll up her sleeves and make something happen for the World of Electronic Dance and the women in it. She can  especially relate to the many “lady DJs” that rarely get the opportunity to shine and become recognized in a male dominated world. The SheFM Station was the solution to this problem.

The Sabir Bey Show: Knowledge of Self, History, and Society – Hip Hop Infused.

by | on January 5, 2013

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Having an extensive background in constitutional law, history, and health, Sabir has conducted years of research that has yielded an impressive array of lectures and workshops. Brother Sabir is a master communicator, having presented at various universities, schools, and community centers. He is also an avid fitness trainer and nutritionist who continuously promotes various holistic health practices.Sabir Bey has lectured with and been seen in the company of such luminaries and artists as KRS One, Afrika Bambatta, James Ingram, Mos Def, Wise Intelligent, Professor Griff, and R Kelly. Additionally, he has given lectures at the University of D.C., Long Island University and at the Philadelphia International Locs Conference. He produces the incredible and extremely informative CIVIL ALERT Newspaper. His DVD series consists of 29 exciting lectures, filmed at various locations from Detroit to New Jersey, from Washington D.C. to New York, including the widely popular Critical Thinking presentation filmed in Chicago.The Sabir Bey Show tackles issues in the community, laws, discusses history and incorporates Hip Hop and Urban music in bringing together a full circle of understanding of current culture and society conflicts. You can catch The Sabir Bey Show every Tuesday at 3:00 pm PST. (6:00 pm EST.) on LATalkLive.com



KRS-One on the Sabir Bey Show on LA Talk Live
internet marketing los angeles,internet marketing orlando, internet marketing pittsburgh, sabir bey, la talk live, shorty produkshins, krs one, Orlando Hip Hop, Pittsburgh Hip HopLegendary KRS-One on the topic of Law & Contracts. This is a show you don’t wanna miss! 2 “Teachas” LIVE and in THE BUILDING at the Sabir Bey Show on January 8, 2013. Tune into www.LATalkLive.com at 3:00 PM Pst. (That’s 6:00 PM for those of you on the East Coast) to find knowledge, understanding and to witness HISTORY in the MAKING!


Sabir Bey on Twitter Sabir Bey on Facebook

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Re-introducing the Business World to EnvisionedTV and the Envisionment Network

by | on December 14, 2012

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May 1, 2012 marked the release of the Envisionment Network and empowering EnvisionedTV sites by Shorty Produkshins. The site was released, but promotion didn’t take place due to multiple other releases taking place through the Shorty Produkshins umbrella and the undergoing of major project executions belonging to clients of Shorty Produkshins. EnvisionedTV and Envisionment Network are still really at “Ground Zero,” due to the need to make that release to the public, but not mirroring the exact vision of the company. That being said, May 1, 2013 will mark the one-year anniversary of EnvisionedTV and the connecting Envisionment Network. This is also the date that these sites will re-release in a new format — with upgrades, more functionality and mobile apps!


Envisioned.TV welcomes viewers to the re-release of a new business network that connects business owners, future moguls and leaders in the business and entertainment worlds to inspire, motivate and empower each other. Through “envisionment,” we are able to do anything we can imagine, achieve our goals and influence others for many years to come. John C. Maxwell once pointed out in one of his works that the average person meets a “hermit” in the woods who has never met anyone else in his life, he will now have influenced over 15,000 people in his lifetime! EnvisionedTV aims at influencing the world!

Words of wisdom, blueprints to fame, biographies, success stories and advice are amongst just a few reasons viewers will enjoy Envisioned.TV. The website and social network, dubbed the EnvisionmentNetwork, will build a bridge between those that have done it to those that are and seek to do it. The “it” is what is to be envisioned through self-aspiration, collaboration, networking, groups and more!

EnvisionedTV not only offers users the ability to create profiles and interact with each other through chat, forum, instant message and blog, but it also allows them to view video interviews and become acquainted with those who have now become legends in the eyes of business people everywhere! Also at EnvisionedTV, members will be able to attend seminars and workshops, which will feature large names in the business world and reviews on products and services and events beneficial to their brand.

While EnvisionedTV is only in the re-release stages, the actual site will be launch within the first week of May 2013. The target date is set for May 1; but based on polls and user experiences, it may be pushed to later on that week. Attached to EnvisionedTV are social presences on Facebook, Twitter, UStream, Youtube and more. There is a Facebook page for all of those who would like to-the-minute updates on the site and its activity.

Join EnvisionedTV in the pre-release and launch of the newest social platform to the business world. Support us to help others “envision. achieve. and influence.”


About EnvisionedTV:

The idea for EnvisionedTV came about through inspiration of today’s leaders, working hard to reach the goals and achievements that they once envisioned for their futures. While success comes from hard work, sacrifice and dedication… influence, inspiration and motivation play a major role in the medium that shapes that success. EnvisionedTV gives this opportunity to those seeking absorption of inspiration, advice and empowerment from those that have done it.

EnvisionedTV brings together those looking for constant inspiration, motivation and direction and business moguls and empires that have done it through multiple global industries in hope of advancing their pursuits and creating higher standards for their goals.

In current stages of the site, EnvisionedTV uses pre-existing interviews of today’s inspirational speakers, entrepreneurs, moguls and brands selected by actual viewers for educational purposes. As the site evolves, EnvisionedTV will provide exclusive content and interviews to site owners, bloggers, and audiences globally. EnvisionedTV promises to bring you motivational material in mapping your own success.

If there is a speaker that you would like to see on EnvisionedTV, local or National, please write and let us know!

Shorty Produkshins: Product Lines & Services

by | on December 4, 2012

Punxsy Plugged in is the social network dedicated to the town of Punxsutawney, PA, which is known as the Weather Capital of the World and home to the cuddly Punxsutawney Phil the Groundhog of all Groundhogs. This site is dedicated to the businesses, clubs, organizations and events of the small little community.Arab Women Empowered is an Organization dedicated to the mission of empowering Arab American Women in the modern day world, whether in career, school, the arts, business, homelife or lifestyle, Arab Women Empowered dedicates itself to creating sisterhood, a support network and the tool to battling stereotypes surroung the character nature of each woman within our world. Royalty Connected is part of Shorty Produkshins and the Promotions Web created by Shorty Produkshins. Royalty Connected is a barter Marketplace allowing the interaction between consumer and business, as well as business and business in hopes of cross promotions, trendsetting, giveaways, and sponsorship opportunities.
J. Abraham Consultants is a group of Internet Marketing Specialists and Experts offering Social Media, Social Branding, Internet Marketing and Entertainment Business consultation through 24/7 phone consultation. Advice comes from experience in the fields. Jessica N Abraham, otherwise nicknamed Mz Shorty P in the Entertainment World, brings you the latest ideas and throughts about the Internet Marketing Industry through a personal blog that dedicates most of its interests to the notions of Social Branding and Brand YOU. Mz Shorty P, Shorty's Playground, Shorty Produkshins, Shorty Productions, Jessica N Abraham, Internet Marketing Pittsburgh, Internet Marketing Orlando, Hip hop all stars, the annual Florida Music Festival, The Recording Academy's Grammy Showcase and more appear on this Youtube Channel by lilshortydrama.
With Sp2, you can, we can, iCan. Shorty Produkshins encourages and empowers the second generation's ambitious youth by providing them with opinions, advice and an inward look at the entertainment business and possible careers in their future surrounding this field. Shorty Produkshins (pronounced "Shorty Produkshins") is an Online Promotions Company and Internet Marketing firm found in both Pittsburgh and Orlando. Shorty Produkshins specializes in Social Branding and Event Marketing with the aid of advanced Internet Marketing and SEO skillsets. EnvisionedTV is an Online television station that is affiliated with the Envisionment Network social community and promotes business and leadership skills between current entrepreneurs and future business moguls. This site comes with audio, videos, blogs, reviews, and pictures as well as a chat room based on the topic of business.
Royalty Connected is part of Shorty Produkshins and the Promotions Web created by Shorty Produkshins. Royalty Connected is a barter Marketplace allowing the interaction between consumer and business, as well as business and business in hopes of cross promotions, trendsetting, giveaways, and sponsorship opportunities.


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