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End of the Month Graphics Sale – $50 Off ALL Graphics for “Branding Social”

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Shorty Produkshins sends a friendly reminder to The World of the ongoing “End of Month Graphics Sale,” which takes place every month from the 21st of the month and up until the very end! Whether you need graphics for album art, branding and/or logo design, Shorty Produkshins can HOOK YOU UP!



As of October 2013, Shorty Produkshins has incorporated “Design Strategy” as a specialized service, which previously was an additional service related to our in-demand Social Branding Packages. Because we consistently found our design strategies being favored and requested as a side-service on its own, we decided to incorporate it into our servicing list. Because of your love for what we do, we decided to “HOOK IT UP” every month! Come on… Logo Design for only $75?? Where can you beat THAT?! 🙂

Interested in taking advantage of our monthly design services? Contact us today with PROMO CODE: BRANDSOCIAL21-1 for your design needs!


Design Examples: Click Here

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The rumors you have heard are true! Every month, beginning from the 21st of every month and ending on the first of the next month, Shorty Produkshins is throwing a monthly Graphics sale! The best part is that you will receive $50 Off current graphics specials!

The turn around rate is very short, and you may seek graphics of your desire based on current product specials! Some example prices are as follows:

  • Album Covers — $150
  • Event Flyers — $75 per Side or $125 for BOTH
  • Digital Event Flyers — $75
  • DVD Covers — $125
  • Full Page Advertisements — $75
  • Logo Design — $75

Keep in mind, these deals are only available once a month. Shorty Produkshins still services you with special discounts and rates throughout the month! Next time you need your graphics done with a professional, seek Shorty Produkshins.


The Official Beginning of the Shorty Produkshins Company Blog

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Hello, everyone! This is it! This is the first OFFICIAL blog post on the ShortyProdukshins.com site…. EVER! It has always been hosted elsewhere! Well, that won’t be any more! I am the hugest advocate on brands blogging. Shoot, I blog for my other companies and brands, but I haven’t really done so for Shorty Produkshins. That is ironic, because I have lived, breathed and dreamed this company since 2001 when it was known as Shorty Productions! WOW!

This company is my unofficial child. I have watched it from an accidental conception, through adoption, growth and evolution. Now that it has matured, it has branched off and created it’s own family. It’s crazy how much an idea can become a reality and a life!

If you notice, previous blog posts are blogs that I had collected into Blogspot from multiple sources around the net. I created blogs in press releases, web site stories and so on. I am upset I let so much history become lost. But, I am so happy that I have let it live on, as well! This blog is meant for that reason. While posts are out of order, due to collection from sources, this is history! Brand history that you can relive. While there is so much of the history missing, I will recreate those sections in future blog posts. There is so much to cover. But, I have told many of you I would do this.

Currently, I am not using Permalinks. There is a reason behind this. I don’t want the search engines to toss up old information as if it is new about Shorty Produkshins. However, I will be optimizing particular blogs so that they will show up in engines — just not as high. See, I KNOW what I am doing! And, honestly, I owe it all to you guys! Many of you wanted to know about EVERY EVENT IN DETAIL, every opportunity, every little detail. And, I had to optimize everything to keep your attention and bring awareness to it, as well as originally get your interests. It worked, didn’t it? I want to thank you for allowing me to use you as a guinea pig all these years to learn my trial-and-error before being formally trained in the field.

This blog will from henceforth be home to the latest news, events, promos, opportunities, and questions about Shorty Produkshins and subsidiaries! Stay tuned! We have a lot to cover!!! MUAHHHHH!!!!


-Jessica “Mz Shorty P” Abraham… Oh, I’m sorry, the past caught up to me….


Jessica N Abraham