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DOUBLE LECTURE | Sabir Bey comes to Orlando Fl to give his first ever FLA lecture! Topics: Civics & The Media

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According to a press release by Shorty Produkshins on July 28, Orlando will be the hub of “Edu-tainment (Entertainment and Education)” in just three weeks! While many will travel to Central Florida for this event, many attendees will witness it live via Cleeng’s Livestream Pay-Per-View integrated platform, made interactive by TheSabirBeyShow.com. This event is sure to “give wings of thought to Global audiences” and to promote “unity and peace” amongst those attending. The latest release gives detailed insight on the upcoming lecture:

“Set for his first ever appearance in the State of Florida, Sabir Bey of The Sabir Bey Show visits Orlando, Florida on August 10, 2014 at Cafe Annie in Downtown. A highly controversial, yet respected ‘teacha’ in the Moorish Community (a term coined by rapper, KRS-One), Sabir Bey has been a pillar of information and enlightenment to a ‘fallen humanity’ in shedding light on history, culture, law, civics and society in hopes of bringing unity and peace to communities around the Globe. It is this type of teaching that he brings to Orlando in the upcoming weeks.

In reflection of his mission, Sabir is planning a much anticipated lecture with the partnership of Shorty Produkshins — ‘an Online Promotions Company specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing,’ which has also worked as part of The Sabir Bey Show Team from the beginnings on LA Talk Live and also located in Orlando. The team has a lot planned for the live event and the ways that it will be an interactive experience for those that cannot attend.”

In light of the double lecture broadcast a spokesperson for Shorty Produkshins stated that “Features will be made available to these Online attendees to interact as an active audience participant as if they were there in the flesh! We will be holding live Twitter parties, using the hashtags ‘#TheSabirBeyShow,’ ‘#ElementsofHipHop’ and ‘#CriticalRaceTheory’. We will also be integrating Facebook into this Plan of Action. And, last but not least, we will be holding a live chat on TheSabirBeyShow.com chat rooms in celebration of the redesign of the Official site for Sabir Bey and all of his works. It is on the site, also that people may view archives of previous episodes and lectures, as well as buy presale tickets for this event, which offer a free DVD Download alongside purchase.” There are seven DVDs available, ranging from History to Hip Hop and covering topics of Nationality, Prophet Noble Drew Ali, Pan Africanism and more!

Topics of conversation and lecture for August 10th’s event include “Critical Race Theory,” discussing Nationality and the restraints of law through due to “color of law,” as well as on the topic of “The Elements of Hip Hop and Our Responsibility to the Media.” There will also be dinner and drinks available during the lecture with a “True School” intermission of Hip Hop spun by DJ Mo of WPRK FM also in Orlando.

During “Critical Race Theory,” Sabir Bey “wants you to think critically as he explains how ‘Police Brutality’ is actually ‘Terrorism’ and how it is important to ‘know who you are’ when dealing with the law. He explains how we have been labeled with ‘color’ and not Nationality and why it is detrimental to proclaim your Nationality to protect yourself and family from injustices to your human rights.”
Especially important to the Greater Central Florida Area, Sabir Bey will discuss  “Castle Doctrine” and how it conflicts with “Stand Your Ground” laws, which have proven to have different results for different parties, as in the case with Trayvon Martin, as in comparison to other cases later in the year. “He will speak, basically, about how some ‘terrorists’ can get away with MURDER… LITERALLY!” Sabir will also cover and reference Moorish Science and History, as well as Etymology, while explaining “how the media only seems to justify a false image, instigate conflict and influence our society as a whole in a negative fashion with insight on what we can do to change it!”

While the first lecture may seem sharply contrasted with the second one, “The Elements of Hip Hop and Our Responsibility to the Media, he will explain how stereotypes are created, confirmed and manifested due to distributing false content to the media and not realizing that we have the power to create positive imagery within it, hence uplifting our communities and societies therein.

“With authority from the founding fathers of Hip Hop and through The Universal Zulu Nation, Sabir will cover the history of Hip Hop in its purest artform. He will discuss how Hip Hop as a culture is getting a bad name, because those who control the media have power over the perception of the culture… even though what they present as Hip Hop isn’t even hip hop at all! Like all matter, Hip Hop has elements. Leaving out one element is like leaving Hydrogen out of Water. Without Hydrogen, Water is only Oxygen… or air! There are five basic elements that shoot off offspring of each. Knowledge is often the forgotten element!

Sabir speaks on the legacy of Hip Hop and how WE, as media creators, can ensure the perseverance of the culture though the media and what influence we actually have over society and culture. He speaks on the roots of Hip Hop and how it became contaminated, as well as what we can do to fix it!” Those who are involved in the Media and Entertainment Business, or who are simply “Hip Hop Heads,” are strongly encouraged to attend.

To Purchase Presale Tickets:





Important information to note:
For the last 15 years, Sabir has toured and lectured all over the United States, speaking on the topics of Civics, Law, Health, Spirituality, History, Culture, Society, Nationality, Etymology and even Hip Hop. Starting in radio and venturing into other arenas of the Entertainment Business and Education, he’s produced, made appearances in and even directed in Nationally and Internationally accredited films. He’s been active with The Universal Zulu Nation as the “Minister of Recruitment,” directly under none other than Afrika Bambaataa, himself. And, in Los Angeles, he gives weekly law classes, as well as hosts his own LIVE talk show, providing “Pure Edu-tainment” to viewers and listeners in over 180 countries around the Globe!


Tuesdays at 6 PM Est | 3 PM Pst at TheSabirBeyShow.com on LA Talk Live.

“The Sabir Bey Show is ‘Pure EDU-TAINMENT’ tackling issues within the community and on the topics of Law, History, Culture, Politics, Religion, Society, and Health by incorporating TRUE Hip Hop and Urban Music in bringing together a full circle of understanding with current culture and society conflicts. The Sabir Bey Show includes guest appearances by award-winning celebrities and respected elders of the Moorish Nation and Pan Africanism.” The Sabir Bey Show has the mission of bringing “Pure Edu-tainment” to the lives of many by introducing truths, new concepts, current events and History through Entertainment

On The Web: http://www.thesabirbeyshow.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thesabirbeyshow
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thesabirbeyshow



Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotions Company, specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing via Advanced Internet Marketing and SEO Tactic. Shorty Produkshins has been in operations for over 10 years and providing quality service to the Entertainment Business, Non Profit Organizations and Small Businesses, as well as Major and Global Brands throughout an array of market places.

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SPRUZ for Social Networks: Why I love them so much!

SPRUZ for Social Networks: Why I love them so much!

by | on December 4, 2012

Hello, World (pun to WordPress)! I am back at it with a new blog! As many of you SHOULD know, I own a company called “Shorty Produkshins.” What we do is related to the Internet Marketing worlds of Social Branding and Event Marketing. In this world, the keyword is “SOCIAL.” I find myself building many social networks and sites that mimic social networks but have a more controlled environment. I have used many different open source platforms, some too basic and some too complex and superfluous for what actually needs done.

Interestingly, I work with clients on their budgets and the budget may allow room for premium memberships and structures that have support teams behind them and more complexities that take limited timeframes to complete (minus reaching the objective through research, development, creation and implementation). So, yes, sometimes I use sites like Ning, Grou.ps, the late-Grouply and now Spruz!

What I like about these is the fact that I HATE web design. But, I have some talent in that area, so I don’t turn down business when I get a special request. I can use predesigned layouts and then EDIT it to my OWN liking. I can add my own graphics and fonts, as well as structure. I will admit, I haven’t used WordPress for anything more than this blog. I am sure I could learn it, but I have no time between the 9 companies and side hustles. And, I refuse to buy templates for things that I can do myself!

When dealing with sites like Spruz, you can do what you want pretty much. You can turn off functions for the public, you can have THEM charge monthly subscription fees FOR YOU, you can customize all day long or not at all. That is up to you. I like it, because of these reasons and more! When designing a Social Network, I can implement so much into a site that will work greatly for SEO efforts and make a basic site grow into a complex site that will keep people returning for more. I can also take the site and pass it off to the client for future customization once my services are no longer needed, and they will understand it much easier than they would through coded data.

Spruz is really a great tool in social networks. Once you connect your domain, it automatically updates links for you. You will notice the ease in adding modules and html elements, and the best part yet is that you can add your own scripts. While most of these platforms allow for the editing of the CSS and templates, they are very restricted as to exactly what else can be done with those sites. Spruz allows so much customization that I almost wish there wasn’t a monthly fee, or I might just use them to create a plethora of sites! While the monthly fee is very low, owning 48 plus sites like I do will equate to very a very high bill once added up! But, did I mention, for the performance and all, SPRUZ IS THE CHEAPEST PLATFORM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, starting off with a page on an already established network is GREAT for SEO!  By using a paid account, Google understands that your page is not spam and is a niche product. It is also attached to an authority website by default. How awesome is that? Give it some serious thought for future reference!

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