Re-introducing the Business World to EnvisionedTV and the Envisionment Network

by | on December 14, 2012

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May 1, 2012 marked the release of the Envisionment Network and empowering EnvisionedTV sites by Shorty Produkshins. The site was released, but promotion didn’t take place due to multiple other releases taking place through the Shorty Produkshins umbrella and the undergoing of major project executions belonging to clients of Shorty Produkshins. EnvisionedTV and Envisionment Network are still really at “Ground Zero,” due to the need to make that release to the public, but not mirroring the exact vision of the company. That being said, May 1, 2013 will mark the one-year anniversary of EnvisionedTV and the connecting Envisionment Network. This is also the date that these sites will re-release in a new format — with upgrades, more functionality and mobile apps!


Envisioned.TV welcomes viewers to the re-release of a new business network that connects business owners, future moguls and leaders in the business and entertainment worlds to inspire, motivate and empower each other. Through “envisionment,” we are able to do anything we can imagine, achieve our goals and influence others for many years to come. John C. Maxwell once pointed out in one of his works that the average person meets a “hermit” in the woods who has never met anyone else in his life, he will now have influenced over 15,000 people in his lifetime! EnvisionedTV aims at influencing the world!

Words of wisdom, blueprints to fame, biographies, success stories and advice are amongst just a few reasons viewers will enjoy Envisioned.TV. The website and social network, dubbed the EnvisionmentNetwork, will build a bridge between those that have done it to those that are and seek to do it. The “it” is what is to be envisioned through self-aspiration, collaboration, networking, groups and more!

EnvisionedTV not only offers users the ability to create profiles and interact with each other through chat, forum, instant message and blog, but it also allows them to view video interviews and become acquainted with those who have now become legends in the eyes of business people everywhere! Also at EnvisionedTV, members will be able to attend seminars and workshops, which will feature large names in the business world and reviews on products and services and events beneficial to their brand.

While EnvisionedTV is only in the re-release stages, the actual site will be launch within the first week of May 2013. The target date is set for May 1; but based on polls and user experiences, it may be pushed to later on that week. Attached to EnvisionedTV are social presences on Facebook, Twitter, UStream, Youtube and more. There is a Facebook page for all of those who would like to-the-minute updates on the site and its activity.

Join EnvisionedTV in the pre-release and launch of the newest social platform to the business world. Support us to help others “envision. achieve. and influence.”


About EnvisionedTV:

The idea for EnvisionedTV came about through inspiration of today’s leaders, working hard to reach the goals and achievements that they once envisioned for their futures. While success comes from hard work, sacrifice and dedication… influence, inspiration and motivation play a major role in the medium that shapes that success. EnvisionedTV gives this opportunity to those seeking absorption of inspiration, advice and empowerment from those that have done it.

EnvisionedTV brings together those looking for constant inspiration, motivation and direction and business moguls and empires that have done it through multiple global industries in hope of advancing their pursuits and creating higher standards for their goals.

In current stages of the site, EnvisionedTV uses pre-existing interviews of today’s inspirational speakers, entrepreneurs, moguls and brands selected by actual viewers for educational purposes. As the site evolves, EnvisionedTV will provide exclusive content and interviews to site owners, bloggers, and audiences globally. EnvisionedTV promises to bring you motivational material in mapping your own success.

If there is a speaker that you would like to see on EnvisionedTV, local or National, please write and let us know!

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